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Integration Series


A FOCUS of the week in every class, 8 weeks to tone & strengthen muscle by muscle, joint by joint, from the feet up & the core out.

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Upgrade your gait, strength, stability and stamina for life.  This takes time, commitment and focus...but it's  worth it! Imagine yourself walking, hiking, gardening and doing all the things you love all the way into your 80's and beyond.  We've created The Series just for this.  A segmented, attainable 8 week training cycle that starts at the feet and ends with the neck and shoulders. Join us in any class at studio one and start transforming

  • New Tone & Strength Focused Workouts
  • Weekly Progressive Challenges
  • Deep Learning and Transformation
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The Series Schedule

👣 September 5th - 16th 

Part 1: Strong, Fatigue Free Feet & Stable Knees. Feet are key to healthy, happy walking, hiking & more. 
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🍑 September 18th - 30th

Part 2: Guts, Butts & Backs! Focus on Low Back, Low Abs, Inner thighs & Hips. 
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🌊 October 2nd - 14th

Part 3: Strong Shoulders & a Long Neck. Focus on Strength in the Shoulder Girdle + Mobility and Stability of the Neck. 
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💪🏼 October 16th - 28thth 

Part 4: The Spine. The final 3 week part of the series will take your posture to the next level.
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Strong feet are important for several reasons


Balance, Injury Prevention, Posture

  1. Balance and Stability: Strong feet provide a stable foundation that helps maintain balance and stability when walking, running, jumping, or standing.

  2. Injury Prevention: Strong feet can help prevent foot injuries, such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, and stress fractures, by absorbing shock and distributing pressure more effectively.

  3. Improved Posture: Strong feet can improve overall posture, as they help support the arches of the feet, which in turn helps support the body's alignment.


Athletic Performance, Mobility & Flexibility.

4. Athletic Performance: Strong feet are essential for athletes, as they provide a stable base for running, jumping, cutting, and other sports-related movements.

5. Mobility and Flexibility: Strong feet are also important for maintaining mobility and flexibility, which can help prevent conditions like arthritis and improve overall quality of life.

Overall, having strong feet is important for maintaining good health and physical performance, regardless of whether you are an athlete or not.

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