Paul Van Alstine


Paul Van Alstine

VASIE® Pilates Creator, Owner of Studio One

Paul Van Alstine, B.S., Certified Advanced Rolfer has over 25 years of teaching Pilates, developing training programs, and doing Manual therapy as a Certified Advanced Rolfer®.

"Chronic pain controlled much of my life for almost 20 years. At this point I feel blessed to be out of pain and physically still improving into my late 50's. My inspiration comes from seeing how well bodies can change and improve from almost any starting point. I love working with beginners and people at all levels. I am inspired by our clients of all ages who show up consistently and make amazing progress through education and persistence." 


- Paul

Liz Rolfing® 

Liz had been a Rolfing and Pilates client for years but had taken a break. In the grand scheme of things Liz is really healthy, looks great and functions better than most. Liz wanted to improve her chin line, get rid of some back pain and shoulder pain and become more active again. 

Paul took Liz on as a client and we documented the before and after session pictures, experiences and some of the minor drama. 

Follow the story of Liz's 10 Rolfing® series here or on Instagram. 

Check out the amazing changes that are being  made everyday...

Maya Rolfing® & VASIE Pilates 

Meet Maya! Paul and I met Maya at at lululemon and love her energy and enthusiasm, especially for working out. She quickly started working with Paul and then became a model for VASIE Pilates program and a Rolfing client. In less than a year she made amazing changes.  

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