8 classes

per month. 


2 great options: 

SOLD OUT $135/month. No Commitment. Cancel Anytime.
SOLD OUT $99/month + Free Month. 4 month commitment.

What You Get with both memberships: 

  • 8 in-studio classes per month to use at your own pace. Most people do 2 times per week but you have the flexibility to use at the pace you want! 


  • Priority booking on the 15th of every month.


  • Go to any regularly scheduled classes on the calendar.


  • Billing on the 15th of each month 


  • Classes are good for 60 days. Gives you more flexibility and time to use up classes if you go out of town or decide to take a short break! 


  • Book Classes for a whole month & cancel up to an hour prior.


  • No penalties for canceling out of a  class. The only time you forfeit a class is if it was full and someone else couldn't get in. 
SOLD OUT $99/month
SOLD OUT $135/month

What's the difference between the $99/month & $135/month?



  • for new or returning members only
  • free month
  • only $99/month vs $135
  • $12.37/class
  • can be put on hold for up to 2 months 
  • 1 month free + 4 months at $99


  • anyone can purchase this membership as long as it's available.
  • cannot be put on hold
  • no commitment 
  • cancel anytime
  • $16.87/class
SOLD OUT $99/month
SOLD OUT $135/month




VASIE Pilates is based on the latest research on spinal stabilization, respiration, pelvic floor health, and self-efficacy.  If that wasn't enough, over 10,000+ clients over the last 20 years have helped us shape the workouts, cues, and exercises to achieve the goals of everybody. 



23,000 inches lost and counting...

VASIE Pilates is designed to give you fast, long-lasting results. We call this "sticky exercise." Sticky exercises will change how you stand, walk, breathe and maintain tone around your middle. The changes you gain go beyond losing or gaining weight. You will learn to tap into your nervous system and hack your abs, glutes, feet, shoulders & neck. 



Rest assured, your joints, muscles, and tendons are safe. Thanks to our amazing Anchorage health care community, you will do exercises that are good for your joints, bones, and muscles and can be practiced into your 90s