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Can't seem to make it to any classes these days? VASIE Pilates now comes to you. All you need is little bit of time to TONE, STRENGTHEN & LOSE the pain and the inches.


VASIE online Pilates is based on the latest research on spinal stabilization, respiration, pelvic floor health, and self-efficacy.  If that wasn't enough, over 10,000+ clients over the last 20 years have helped us shape the workouts, cues and exercises to achieve the goals of every body. 


23,000 inches lost and counting...

VASIE Pilates is designed to give you fast, long lasting results. We call this "sticky exercise". Sticky exercises will change how you stand, walk, breathe and maintain tone around your middle. The changes you gain go beyond losing or gaining weight. You will learn to tap into your nervous system, and hack your abs, glutes, feet, shoulders & neck. 


Rest assured, your joints, muscles and tendons are safe. Thanks to our amazing Anchorage health care community, you will do exercises that are good for your joints, bones and muscles and can be practiced all the way into your 90's

Nothing to Lose but Pain & Inches

Jump Start with the New Year, New You 5 week intensive.


The VASIE Pilates Online program is designed to teach you precision before you do the exercises. Learn the essential and then burn the muscles!

Online Programs Starting at $49/month

Educate. Inspire. Transform.

Over the course of 20 years, we've developed programs that focus on EDUCATION so that no matter what stage of life, no matter the workout you are into, you know how to work with your body. Studio One clients stay INSPIRED by TRANSFORMING their physical structure in a painless, time efficient way. 

Online Programs Starting at $49/month

"These upper body workouts are something else! Very noticeable changes in posture, neck rotation, and range of motion of arm and rotator cuff by the end of class. Thank you both so much!"

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"THANKS Ana & Paul for a great Burn Class!! The shoulder resets & shoulder work is really profound for my shoulders. Every time, it helps my golfer's elbow (tendons) feel so much better!!"

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"I've been meaning to tell you this all summer, I can really feel a difference with my shoulders and arms when mowing the lawn and tending the garden. I feel much more stable and strong. Thank you! I love the focus work."

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