December 9th 2020 Update

Thank you for being a client of Studio One Pilates. We have really appreciated your support this year and we are looking forward to being open and serving you in 2021! Because of the increases in COVID-19 cases and the need for many members to suspend or cancel their memberships, we have, like many businesses, incurred significant losses. In order to stay open and serve you in the future, we find that we must pause our group class instruction program for the next 90 -120 days. We will still be offering Private Lessons, Rolfing sessions and VASIE Pilates Online. We encourage you to take advantage of these options! Please email us at [email protected] to schedule Private Lessons and Rolfing.

All billing has already been stopped. During this pause, we will stop all monthly and annual billing. Membership payments made within the last 30 days have already been refunded based on the number of days you will not get to use. Paid-in-full memberships with remaining credit have also been refunded. Some of you may have already noticed refunds on your credit card statements, if you need a receipt please email us.

On a positive note: Ana & Paul will be teaching Webinars, Zoom Q&A's, and livestreaming group classes. We would like to thank everyone for their referrals to our online program. We have had friends and family from around the world sign up for our online instruction. THANK YOU - this really helps!

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We know that you may have questions and concerns. Please email us. We will of course be sending more emails in the near future.

Thanks for your support. Stay healthy!

In order to keep our clients, instructors and Anchorage community safe, we ask that if you are experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19 or have been exposed to someone who has recently tested positive, you do not attend Studio One classes or lessons until you have tested negative for COVID-19. 

Should you need additional information, please visit the CDC website for information about COVID-19.

Thank you for helping us prevent the spread of COVID-19 and making Studio One a safe & enjoyable environment for high quality, structure transforming classes! 


Pausing Group Classes Starting December 9th.

As you know, we are seeing increased COVID cases in our community. In order to do our part to keep COVID transmission low Studio One will be temporarily closed starting December 7th for group classes. We will still be open for private lessons and Rolfing sessions. We will still be delivering classes online! Paul and Ana will now be livestream AND zooming session from the studio to you weekly. We know it’s not a replacement for in-person classes so if you need to get some hands-on corrections we will still be here for you for private lessons. We are doing this for our clients health, the health of our employees, and also the medical and essential workers who are directly serving others at this time.

We will miss you so very much during closure and hope you can participate with us online.

If I am already signed up for online, do I get to keep my price?


What to look forward to online:

  • zoom classes - get in-real-time corrections
  • live stream classes with Paul & Ana
  • Foundations of Transformation
  • 5 Week New Year New You
  • Deep Core Toning Classes



- Your membership payment has been paused. Membership payments made within the last 30 days have been partially refunded based on the number of days Studio One was open for class. eg. If you paid $100 November 30th you've been refunded $72.60 Refunds take 7-10 days, expect by December 16th.

- Paid in full membership with remaining credit have also been refunded in the same manner.

- If you have punchcard passes we will extend the expiration date and you can use them when we re-open.

When will Studio One Re-open?

We are unsure at this point. Our experts are indicating that this it will probably take at least a 6 - 8 weeks to see this spike begin to flatten. It could be longer before we see some slack in the hospitals.

Can I still see a Rolfer?

yes - Brett Linder is available. Please email us at

Can I still get a private?

Yes - some instructors will be offering privates on a limited basis. Please email us at

Can I still use my 20% off through the end of December for Private lessons & Rolfing? 




Update Effective October 5th : Schedule Changes and Masks 

With the recent increase in COVID-19 cases in Anchorage, we highly encourage all clients, members and instructors to wear masks while in the building and during workouts.

We have also added 2 more spaces in mat classes to allow for more opportunities to attend classes. In mat classes clients are spaced over 6 feet apart and in reformer class clients are spaced 10 feet apart. 

We truly appreciate everyone's cooperation and assistance to help keep Studio One as safe as possible! 


Update Effective August 3rd : Masks in Class

Effective August 3rd the Municipality of Anchorage strengthened it's requirements of businesses in order to slow the spread of COVID-19. This included the closure of indoor dining and alcohol services until August 31st, 2020.

In response to these closures and to create the safest environment possible, we consulted with several medical professionals regarding safety and best practices. Their advice was that clients should wear masks - even during their workouts, as often as possible. 

If you need to catch your breath or have some difficulties breathing and need to take off your mask, please do so, but whenever possible please wear it during the workout. Our instructors will be asked to try and wear a mask throughout class and as often as possible as well.

Many clients have found the paper masks work best. We have some available for you!

Please keep in mind we also have several live-streamed classes, workouts, and progressive programs available online that will help take your structure to the next level. 

Thank you for your support and assistance in keeping Studio One safe (and open!)



- All classes and lessons are paces 30 minutes apart to allow for additional cleaning and airing out classrooms. We use an environmentally, unscented solution that is EPA approved against COVID-19 and kills 99.9% of germs. 
- You will also be asked to wipe down your station before & after use.


- We've reduced class sizes to allow for 10 feet between each workout station. Mat classes hold 7 clients, reformer classes hold 5. 


- Please bring your own equipment to class. A list of what you'll need for classes is below! 


- Please wear a mask when entering and exiting the building or when leaving your workout station. We also ask that you please wear your mask as often as possible during the workout. 
- Instructors have been asked to wear masks as often as possible while teaching. 

Additional Important Information

You can cancel out of class up to 2 hours before class. If you cancel under 2 hours, or reserve a spot and don't attend there will be a $10 charge. All of these fees are donated to local Alaskan charities! 
- Make sure your account is set up to receive text and email notifications! Log into your account HEREgo to Account and make sure email and text notifications are set up for SCHEDULE UPDATES. 

We've expanded our waitlists due the smaller class sizes. If you see a waitlist, we strongly encourage you to put yourself on that waitlist! Great news, over 80% of members are being added into classes from the waitlist! 
-If you're on a waitlist, you're welcome to come to class and see if there is a spot available! However, we cannot guarantee there will be a spot nor can we make one if the class ends up being full.  

Registration for class open at 12am 7 days in advance. Please make sure you are pre-registered for any classes you would like to attend. Smaller classes tend to book quickly, make sure you add yourself to the waitlist! 



- Please bring your own equipment to class. We will provide reformers and chairs, however we are asking all members to come prepared with their own equipment to class.

For mat classes, you will need:
- A mat
- A ball
- A head mat (or folded towel) 
Optional, but not required: 2lb weights, fitness circle, flex band.

For reformer classes:
- Loops for your hands & feet. We do have some you can borrow, but we highly encourage you to invest in a pair for personal use! 
- A ball 
Optional, but not required: a fitness circle 

For purchasing, here are links to some of clients' favorites (click on item):
Reformer Loops (call for shipping to Alaska)
2 lb weights

Join Us Online!

If you can't make it in for class, join us online for live-streamed classes, progressive programs, and a variety of workouts online that are available 24/7 to continue to transform your structure.