The Learn & Burn Results Series:  Skills to Improve your Pilates and Fitness Results 


in-person intensive with

Paul Van Alstine



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The Learn & Burn Series 

in-person classes with

Paul Van Alstine


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Change begins with a single breath... 


1 class per week. 1.5 hours per class. Five weeks. View levels & schedule below.



$175 for 5 weeks


💡Learn the technique. 🔥Feel the burn. 💪Get the results.

These Learn & Burn Classes teach the latest VASIE Pilates skills and workouts. They have all the new advances we have made in the last two years. Increasingly our goals have become healthy aging and mobility. One of the most important considerations is keeping fit, pain-free, and faster-paced walking. While these classes will focus on Pilates exercises, you will learn what healthy walking is and how to get it and keep it using your VASIE skills.  


Choose Your Level 

Three levels to choose from

LEVEL ONE - Breathing for a Strong Core & a Calm Mind 5 week fundamentals class

  • Rejuvenate & Build Breathing Skills
  • Turn On Reflexes and tone muscles that make your breathing natural & optimal  
  • Safe Core toning and respiration.
  • Enhanced Breathing skills & Deep Core Tone
  • Excellent natural core toning inflammation reduction.
  • Stress-busting and postural improvement
  • Vagal tone reset - better sleep and grounding
  • Re-sets natural pelvic floor, respiratory, and ab tone. 
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LEVEL TWO - Deep Core Toning for Posture & Whole Body Tone. 


  • Full Range of Motion that builds Integrated Strength and Flexibility.  
  • Strengthen connections between joints. 
  • Integrate Movement
  • Balance the Pelvis and Shoulder Girdle
  • Prevent Injury
  • Safe for Most Ages 



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LEVEL THREE - For Integration, Strength & Flexibility. 


  • Builds Whole body tone
  • Strengthens Fascial planes that connect joints.
  • Fast Results & Lasting results.
  • Improved spinal articulation.
  • Excellent postural correction 

Not recommended if you have osteoporosis. 



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What You Get:

💡1 Weekly In-Person Workouts: Combines 30 minutes of learning essential exercises and an hour workout. 

🔥Online homework/supplemental classes 

2 FREE in-studio classes that can be used toward any group class. Missed a class? Use these two free classes to do a make-up in any regularly scheduled class. $50 value 

Can't make it to all five classes? Let us know and we will add a regular class to your account. 

$175 for 5 weeks

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Who Knew Your Core Starts at Your Feet! After doing VASIE Pilates, my feet keep my core active when I walk. I am amazed. An added benefit of this work is that it feels like it sticks for a long time, unlike other workouts theses classes seem to shift my body profoundly and for a long time. 


I joined the studio as a client in 2009 and did the Healthy Back class. At that time I was overweight and struggling daily with severe neck and back pain. After one week of Studio One Pilates I was hooked! The instructors at Studio One taught me how to support my upper body without using my neck or shoulders. I no longer suffer from chronic pain. Plus, I lost over forty pounds!.


After years of studying pilates and taking classes in New York and London and Dallas I was told I would have to take an introductory class at Studio One.  Needless to say I was very angry.  After 20 minutes I could only wonder why I had never heard any of this from other studios!   Studio One’s Program is top notch! 



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Immediate Results You Can Feel 

Deep Structural Change Starts Here. Take a before and after picture because you won't believe how much you can change your body in just three weeks.

Small Classes, Hands on Corrections 

Hands-On Corrections are Key for Good Form. Also, it often takes a skilled guide to take your body to a new place. Work with Paul in a small class setting to achieve new connections. 

New Levels of Body Awareness and Coordination 

Know Where You Are. Elevated body awareness is just one part of developing your sense of self and being but is a key part living in a happier healthier physical self.